Photo 0 : Barbara as Eleanor Sipes

Photo 1: Janine Foster, Co Prod., helping Veleeta DaCosta, hair and make up person, get Michelle Penick ready for her role as the secretary.

Photo 2: Joe Wilson, the writer.

Photo 3: Christopher Shaun, Director of Photography and lighting.

Photo 4: Diane Burton, Script Supervisor.

Photo 5: Sabrina Simmons, Director, and Sandra M. Middleton, 1st Assistant Director.

Photo 6: Sabrina Simmons, Dir., and Barbara preparing for a shot.

Photo 7: Barbara as Eleanor Sipes, James Martin Kelly as Charles Wall, Michelle Penick as the secretary, and Veleeta DaCosta doing a make up check prior to a shot.

Photo 8: Veleeta DaCosta, make up and hair person, taking a break.

Photo 9: Sabrina Simmons, Dir., Diane Burton, Script Supervisor, and Christopher Shaun, Dir. of Photography, discussing and setting up a shot.


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