These are pictures of a modest eighteenth century baroque palace in Bruchsal, Germany. It is one of the finest examples of trumphe l' oil I have ever seen.

Only by looking very closely can you see that all the figures and much of the architectural details are painted on a flat surface. Almost all of the windows do NOT have fancy molding or arches around them. That is all painted to look three dimensional. We were unable to capture all of that in these photos. But in person it was fascinating!

Looking closely at the palace showed the incredibly rich details painted on the wings and its two flanking orangeries. The murals give the exterior an impressive three-dimensional look.

The uniqueness of the orangeries to each side of the central building lay in the style of artwork. The green and orange sections were not solid colors, but pixelated like 19th century impressionist paintings. I had never seen this technique used on a building before. From a very short distance away it made the buildings look extremely rich and textured, as if crafted from great slabs of colored stone.

What a beautiful day we had wandering around the grounds of this lovely place!


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