Photo 0 : MAD MEN: DGA Trainee, Kyle Hollingsworth. He took very good care of me for two days!

Photo 1: MAD MEN: Costume Designer, Janie Bryant

Photo 2: MAD MEN: Barbara Kerr Condon's personal trailer! I just came from having my hair done.

Photo 3: MAD MEN: Additional Make up man, and a really nice guy! He kept me "perfect" through out the shoot.

Photo 4: MAD MEN: Make up artist, Debbie Zoller. She has a real gift for knowing the exact colors that will flatter a person the most.

Photo 5: MAD MEN: Head Hair Stylist, Gloria Pasqua Casny. So good and so gentle with my hair. She had that 1960's look down cold!

Photo 6: MAD MEN: 2nd AD Lucille Ouyang, a very busy lady!

Photo 7: MAD MEN: Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell, one of the leads in the series.

Photo 8: MAD MEN: Barbara and Vincent on the set.

Photo 9: MAD MEN: Barbara as Mrs. Clifford Lyman and Rene Hamilton as Elaine, the real estate lady.

Photo 10: MAD MEN: Barbara with Joe O'Connor as Tom Vogel

Photo 11: MAD MEN: Rene Hamilton, Sheila Shaw, Alison Brie, and Barbara Kerr Condon

Photo 12: MAD MEN: The fabulous camera crew, with Dir. of Photography, Phil Abraham (the guy holding the lens - who else would it be???)

Photo 13: MAD MEN: More of the fabulous crew that made everything work so smoothly.

Photo 14: MAD MEN: A very sweet young woman who made sure we got our entrance cues from behind the closed door.

Photo 15: MAD MEN: Another great make up guy and crew member.

Photo 16: MAD MEN: Barbara Kerr Condon as Mrs. Clifford Lyman in full hair, makeup, and costume. Check out those pearls!

Photo 17: MAD MEN: My fabulous director, Tim Hunter in the center, with Vincent and the wonderful script supervisor, Jennifer Getzinger.


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