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Barbara Kerr Condon cast as Lead in feature film THREE TIMES A LADY. Barbara Kerr Condon cast in THE LAMP, director - Tracy Trost. Completed shooting role in ground breaking motion capture video game LA NOIR. Completed shooting role in MINE, director - Greg Thompson. Completed shooting role in CHAD JEFFERSON P.I., director - Chris Moss. Completed shooting role in web series ASYLUM, director - Scott Brown. Completed shooting lead role in YELLOW BROOK, which is now in final stages of post production. JUST DESSERTS, starring Barbara Kerr Condon, now in worldwide distribution. A separate TV deal is being negotiated. Completed shooting lead role in MY HOMEWORK ATE MY DOG, director - Crystal Page. MY HOMEWORK ATE MY DOG is now being screened in schools and made available wherever it will help children who have reading problems. Did lead in commercial sp ot with director - Jerry Zucker. See Barbara Kerr Condon as Mrs. Clifford Lyman on MAD MEN, Golden Globe winner, DGA winner, Satellite Winner, WGA nominee, ADG nominee, and SAG nominee. Cast in VOICELESS ROAR, director - Elaine Zicree. Cast in WALKING AMONG US, director - Darlene Lofgren. See Reviews & News for more info!!

"... a face that catches your eye and holds it; it can be lovely, hideous, vicious, full of life, or of the grave. She never gives you a moment that is anything but honest, well-considered, striking. She is a delight to watch, and to work with."....
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Sliders, Deep Space Nine


    Barbara Kerr Condon will be working with cast members Muse Watson, Kevin Sorbo, and Nancy Stafford in THREE TIMES A LADY!

    Barbara Kerr Condon has been cast in THE LAMP, director - Tracy Trost. The film will be shot in Oklahoma, and production begins Oct. 2011.

  • L.A. NOIRE
    (Barbara Kerr Condon is in the cast) is the cover story on the World's #1 Video Game Magazine, gameinformer - March 2010.

    has been accepted by NYTVF!
    New York Television Festival Announces Official Selections to the 2010 Independent Pilot Competition. Top pilots are eligible to win development deals with IFC and MTV and additional honors from USA, AETN and the People's Choice Awards.

    is now being screened in schools and made available wherever it will help children who have reading problems.

    "...Barbara Kerr Condon is effectively commanding as the rich Florence." Variety

    "Barbara Kerr Condon gets laugh after laugh with her high-speed old-lady shuffle. Leading Ladies won't get you back any money you may have lost in the stock market, but it's guaranteed to make you forget your losses, if only for two wildly funny hours."

    "As Florence, the millionairess who would not die, Barbara Kerr Condon gets laugh after laugh with her high-speed old-lady shuffle and crotchety squeak of a voice."

    "...(Florence) provided some quick, pointed banter in her short stints on stage..."

    "...Barbara Kerr Condon puts a wickedly caustic slant on Aunt Florence." Backstage West

  • Canyon News on Mad Men & Women : Click here to see full article on Barbara Kerr Condon

    "I recently saw actress Barbara Kerr Condon on the show and was blown away by her performance. It may have been an ensemble scene that stood out in my mind, and leave it to the devout Christian to give others credit as well." ....

  • Barbara Kerr Condon in JUST DESSERTS. JUST DESSERTS starring Barbara Kerr Condon is now in worldwide distribution. A separate TV deal is now being negotiated.

    JUST DESSERTS is a fun story about the challenges of fitting into a new community in the town of Desserts. Barbara Kerr Condon is cast as the newcomer, Alice, who is adjusting to her new life after moving to be near her daughter who's expecting the family's first grandchild.

    JUST DESSERTS was directed by Eric Mofford. Darlene Lofgren wrote this excellent adaptation based on a short story by Peter Wales.

  • Barbara Kerr Condon cast as Mrs. Lyman in "MAD MEN" written and produced by Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos!

    The provocative world of MAD MEN, is a new hit series from Emmy-winning writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos™. Set in 1960 New York City, MAD MEN pulls you into an unexpected new world -- the high-powered and glamorous golden age of advertising where everyone is selling something -- and nothing is ever what you expect it to be.

  • Barbara Kerr Condon in "MIRIAM" directed by Kamran Pasha, screenwriter, co-producer, and director in feature films and television.

    MIRIAM, a film written and directed by Kamran Pasha.

    This is the story of a modern day pregnant teenage Jewish girl who claims to be a virgin. The situation draws the Vatican's attention and that of a deadly assassin. Kamran is a writer/co-producer for Golden Globe nominated series SLEEPER CELL on Showtime. Kamran is now doing a project for Rob Cohen, director of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, writing a horror movie adaptation of DON'T LOOK UP by Hideo Nakata, director of THE RING 2, and is writing a screenplay adaptation of Deepak Chopra's novel SOULMATE, for Anant Singh's production company, Distant Horizon. Kamran wrote the feature film, TAJ MAHAL: AN ETERNAL LOVE STORY and has numerous television credits as well. Kamran's a busy guy!

    MIRIAM, his newest project, promises to be an exciting and interesting film!

  • Barbara Kerr Condon in MORTALS, Andres Buigues & Jeremy Floyd producing and directing. These two young men won the College Television Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. They shot on 35mm. MORTALS has been accepted to numerous festivals.

    MORTALS, based on the short story by Tobias Wolff, is an insightful piece about the value of each individual. It is all too true that we often don't give the recognition due those who live exemplary lives, taking care of their families, doing a good job at work, and being of benefit to the community in general. The quiet, unsung heroes who do not have super powers, but who truly are the fabric and glue of our culture! This promises to be a delightful film.

  • Barbara Kerr Condon in END OF THE LINE, directed by Elaine Zicree, Humanitas Prize nominee, established producer, writer, showrunner, etc. .

    This is a 1930's period drama about the infamous Bonnie and Clyde, star-crossed lovers facing the ghosts of their past and the consequences of their actions in the present. Clyde Barrow is being played by Dominic Comperatore, who's co-starring with George Clooney in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film "The Good German," a Christmas 2006 release. Dixie Sedgwick (also the screenwriter) plays Bonnie-- a role she portrayed in her recent Off-Broadway production "Bonnie Parker."

  • Barbara Kerr Condon as seen in five performances as Mrs. Brummett in the Actors Co op productions of the West Coast Premiere of SEE ROCK CITY and the World Premiere of GULF VIEW DR. as part of the Nibroc Trilogy."
  • Barbara Kerr Condon cast in a lead role as Margaret in "WINKY," directed by Josh Porro!
  • Barbara Kerr Condon in "BIG LOVE!" as the college registrar.