Barbara Kerr Condon cast as Lead in feature film THREE TIMES A LADY. Barbara Kerr Condon cast in THE LAMP, director - Tracy Trost. Completed shooting role in ground breaking motion capture video game LA NOIR. Completed shooting role in MINE, director - Greg Thompson. Completed shooting role in CHAD JEFFERSON P.I., director - Chris Moss. Completed shooting role in web series ASYLUM, director - Scott Brown. Completed shooting lead role in YELLOW BROOK, which is now in final stages of post production. JUST DESSERTS, starring Barbara Kerr Condon, now in worldwide distribution. A separate TV deal is being negotiated. Completed shooting lead role in MY HOMEWORK ATE MY DOG, director - Crystal Page. MY HOMEWORK ATE MY DOG is now being screened in schools and made available wherever it will help children who have reading problems. Did lead in commercial sp ot with director - Jerry Zucker. See Barbara Kerr Condon as Mrs. Clifford Lyman on MAD MEN, Golden Globe winner, DGA winner, Satellite Winner, WGA nominee, ADG nominee, and SAG nominee. Cast in VOICELESS ROAR, director - Elaine Zicree. Cast in WALKING AMONG US, director - Darlene Lofgren. See Reviews & News for more info!!